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Bibliography - Individual Mills

Studies of individual mills.
Entries are arranged by Old County of present location, and within County, by significant part of (Mill/Melin/Felin...) name, if any, otherwise by location.

New and amended entries are denoted by [*]


Parkinson, Tony.
The 'Mill' at Beaumaris Castle. Melin 4 (1988): 58-61. 
Discussion of the evidence for a mill within one of the towers of the thirteenth century Beaumaris Castle.

Ellis, Gordon.
Anglesey’s wind will soon be turning the sails of Llynnon again. Country Quest May 1983: 20-21. 
Llynon windmill, Anglesey.

Hall, Michael.
Melin Llynon, Llynon Hall, Llanddeusant, Anglesey. Melin 17 (2001): 75-78. 
Report of a site visit to record the remains of Melin Llynon, a former water-powered flour mill and reputedly latterly used to generate hydro-electricity.

Stead, F. G.
Llynon Mill, Llanddeusant, Anglesey. Melin 1 (1985). 
An account of the restoration to working order of Llynon Mill, Anglesey, including Rex Wailes' 1937 description of its operation as a corn mill .

Brigstocke, Alison.
Melin y Marchog (alias Melin Castellbwlchgwyn) and its associated lands, 1352-1890. Trans. Anglesey Antiquarian Society and Field Club. 1998: 23-33. [*]

Wiliam, Eurwyn.
Darganfod Lleoliad Melin Enwog. Melin 1 (1985). 
An account of the accidental discovery of the ruins of a mill at Penyberth, Anglesey.


Phillips, Neil.
A suggested horizontal or Norse mill site at Darren Ddu, Mynydd Llangynidr, Powys. Melin 15 (1999): 16-24. 
Archaeological survey of suggested horizontal mill associated with seaonal upland settlement site.

Meacham, David.
Where there's a wheel there's a way. Cymru Wledig Rural Wales Hydref 2011 Autumn: 12-13.
The public reopening of Talgarth Mill following a high-profile Lottery-funded restoration project.

Brueton, Anna and Theo.
Robert Clatworthy, Trebanog Mill and Evan Bevan. Melin 11 (1995): 20-26. 
Account of Robert Clatworthy, keeper of Trebanog Mill, Penderyn, from the 1830s to 1855; with a ballad and triban by EB with translations.


Jones, Mrs A. R.
Melin Cochwillan a'r Melinydd Olaf. Melin 2 (1986): 5-7. 
Short historical account of Cochwillan cornmill .

( anon? ).
Gelli's Water Wheel Country Quest April 1988: 44. 
Gelli Newydd farm water wheel, Trefriw.

Phillips-Lewis , Graham.
Keeping North Wales in Flour. Country Quest May 1984: 20-22. 
Snowdon Flake flour mill, Bangor.


Davis, P. E.
The Development of Aberarth Mill. Melin 8 (1992): 9-28. 
Detailed account of the development of Aberarth corn mill with references to associated woollen and saw mills.

Barber, Jill.
Felinhen: The Story of a Cardiganshire Water Mill. Melin 8 (1992): 29-36. 
Detailed historical account of Felinhen corn mill, Llanbadarn Fawr, Aberystwyth.

Hughes, Simon.
Felinhen: Archaeological Notes. Melin 8 (1992): 37-38. 
Archaelogical description of leat and pond indicating possible site of former lead smeltery.

McLaren, John and Francesca.
Melin Pentre, Cwmystwyth. Melin 14 (1998): 70-81. 
Historical account and description of the former Melin Pentre corn mill at Cwmystwyth.


Fowler, Eric.
Coracles and old mill reborn. Country Quest June 1990: 18-19. 
Cenarth mill, Carms.

Lloyd, T. H.
Cenarth's Seventeenth Century Mill. Melin 18 (2002): 31-38. 
Description of Cenarth corn mill and its operation.

Stockdale, Les.
Prince's Mill at Cenarth. Country Quest Nov 1989: 23-24. 
Cenarth mill, Carms.

Brown, John.
Restoration of the wheel at Cwmduad Mill, Carmarthenshire. Melin 15 (1999): 75-86. 
Detailed practical account of the restoration of the waterwheel at the former Cwmduad woollen mill.


Nash, Gerallt.
A note on Candy Mill, Aberwheeler, Denbighshire. Melin 14 (1998): 82-83. 
Short note accompanying two ?early twentieth century photographs of Candy clover mill, one showing the internal workings.

Brown, John.
Grinding corn in the days of Good Queen Bess. Country Quest October 1972: 26-28. 
King's mill, Wrexham.

Brown, John.
Mill Rescued. Country Quest March 1989: 18-19. 
King's mill, Wrexham.

Clwyd County Council: Planning and Estates Department.
The Bersham and Clywedog Industrial Trail Information Sheet No 1K.
Mold : Clwyd County Council, 1985? . ISBN 0904444503. 
The King's Mill, Wrexham, 1315-1634.

Pratt, D.
King's Mills, Wrexham. Denbighshire Historical Society Transactions 29 (1980): 115-160. 

Davies, David Ll.
Watermill: Life Story of a Welsh Cornmill. Llangollen: Ceiriog Press, 1997. ISBN 0-9530 36 00. 
History of Felin Lyn, Dyffryn Ceiriog, Denbighshire.

Parkinson, Tony.
Book review (Watermill: life-story of a Welsh Cornmill, D. Davies). Melin 14 (1998): p. 84 . 
Review of book published in 1997 describing Felin Lyn corn mill in Dyffryn Ceiriog.

Davies, J Idris.
The Last Miller: David Williams of Pentre Mill, Loggerheads.
Mold: Clwyd County Council, 1986. ISBN 0903952-84-X.

Gough, Ian H, and Martin Howorth.
Pentre Mill, Loggerheads
Mold: Clwyd County Council, c.1985. ISBN 0-904449-30-0.

Heald, George O.
Pentrefoelas Mill, 1920-1949. Denbighshire Historical Society Transactions 25 (1976): 210-26 . 

James, C.
Labour of Love. Country Quest November 1975: 5-7. 
Trevor mill.

Muckle, Peter and Helen.
Ty Felin, Llansannan. Melin 19 (2003): 43-52. 
An archaeological record of the former Ty Felin water-powered corn mill prior to its proposed conversion to domestic use.

( anon? ).
The old mill turns again in an area of such charm. Country Quest August 1989: 20. 
Pentrefoelas mill.

Jackson, E Leonard.
Electricity from the mill. Country Quest June 1970: 4-5. 
Ysbyty Ifan mill.


Frost, Pat.
Maes y Coed Mill, Afonwen, Flintshire. Melin 18 (2002): 25-30. 
An archaeological assessment of the former Maes y Coed corn mill and foundry prior to conversion to domestic use.

Ellis, Bryn.
Windmill, Halkyn, Clwyd. Melin 8 (1992): 3-8. 
Location and historical description of former windmill at Halkyn.


Toponomic note: Gower in an historic context is the Lordship of Gower, of which the Gower Peninsula forms a lesser part.

Davies, C. T.
Felin Arw. Melin 20 (2004): 3-12. 
An historical account of Felin Arw, Tynyrheol, Llangeinor, with particular reference to the Thomas family. Now destroyed, the mill was originally a water-powered corn mill and then possibly used as a woollen factory.

Wiliam, Eurwyn.
Melin Bompren Corn Mill: at the Welsh Folk Museum, St Fagans, Cardiff.
Cardiff: National Museum of Wales Welsh Folk Museum, 1977. 27pp. ISBN 0-85485-042-2.

Wiliam, Eurwyn.
Melin Bompren: yn Amgueddfa Werin Cymru, Sain Ffagan, Caerdydd.
Caerdydd: Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Cymru Amgueddfa Werin Cymru, 1977 (ail arg. 1982). 27t. ISBN 0-85485-041-4.

Wiliam, Eurwyn.
A gorse mill from north Wales. Melin Eithin Deheufruyn, Denbighshire, now at St Fagans. Medel 1 (1985): 5-9.

Jenkins, J. Geraint (John Geraint).
Esgair Moel Woollen Mill. 2nd rev. ed.
Cardiff: National Museum of Wales Welsh Folk Museum, 1975. 38pp. [*]
Mill originally from Llanwrtyd Wells, Breconshire

Taylor, Bryan S.
Y Felin Glap: A new old watermill in the Lordship of Gower. Gower 56 (2005) 47-51. 

Taylor, Bryan S.
The rediscovery of Higher Mill, Llanrhidian. Gower 45 (1994): 32-37. [*]

Taylor, Brian.
Penllergare Mill Rediscovered.
Gower: The Journal of the Gower Society (2007): 19-22. 

Taylor, Bryan S.
The Port Eynon paint mine. Gower 61 (2010): 8-16. [*]

Jenkins, J. Geraint (John Geraint) (auth.), Eurwyn Wiliam (ill.).
The Rhaeadr Tannery.
Cardiff: National Museum of Wales Welsh Folk Museum, 1973. 30pp.

Taylor, Bryan S.
Swansea's corn grist mill. Gower 47 (1996): 67-73. [*]


Crocker, Alan and Glenys.
The Gunpowder Mills at Tyddyn Gwladys, near Dolgellau. Melin 12 (1996): 2-25. 
Historical account and archaeological survey of the remains of the gunpowder mills, including a description of the process.


John, Gareth.
There's an old mill... . Country Quest September 1985: 18-19. 
Gelligroes mill, Pontllanfraith.

Cookson, Mildred.
Llancayo Windmill, Monmouthshire.
Mill News (SPAB Mills Section Magazine) Jan 2009: 16.

Clement, Judith M.
The History of Llantilio Mill.
Gwent Local History: Journal of the Gwent Local history Council  106 (2009) 7-19. 


Barton, P. G.
Pontdolgoch Sawmill, Caersws, Powys. Melin 18 (2002): p.14 - 24 .
An account of the history of Pontdolgoch sawmill and the Owen family, owners of the working mill for most of the twentieth century.

Chilton, Tim.
Just add water. Melin 23 (2007): 67-71. 
A practical account of running and maintaining the recently acquired Pontdolgoch sawmill.

Wadley, David, Jane Wadley and Peter Barton.
Pontysgawrhyd Mill, a Late Tudor Corn Mill in Montgomeryshire. Montgomeryshire Collections 92 (2004): 57-68. 

Payne, Lesley.
Epitaph for an old windmill. Country Quest June 1989: 5. 
Trelydan windmill, Montgomeryshire .


Nield, Ted.
A legacy of tidal Power. Country Quest June 1986: 36. 
Carew Tidal mill, Pembs.

Parkinson, A. J.
Prendergast Mills, Haverfordwest. Melin 11 (1995): 2-7. 
An account of the historical development of Prendergast Mills, at one time the only cotton mills in South Wales, and at other times used as a corn mill and latterly a paper mill.

Grime, Anna.
A Living Thing. Pembrokeshire Life September 2011: 18-19.
Solva Woollen Mill, 104 years on.

Coggins, Julie.
The History of Tregwynt Woollen Mill. Journal of the Pembrokeshire Historical Society 21 (2012): 28-34. 

Coggins, Julie.
Weaving a legacy. Pembrokeshire Life September 2011: 20-21.
The history of Tregwynt Woollen Mill, 100 years old in 2012.


Booth, Tim.
The waterwheel at the Silurian Mills, Knighton. Melin 21 (2005): 61-67. 
Quotations from a Letters Book of the maker of the waterwheel at the Silurian Mills, George Tutton of Kidderminster, Worcestershire.

Ridyard, G. W.
The Silurian Mills, Knighton. Melin 20 (2004): 37-52. 
An historical account of the Silurian woollen mills in Knighton.

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