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Cenarth Mill, Carms
Melin Cenarth, Sir Gâr

Cenarth Mill, Arthur Miles RI


Cenarth Mill came into the possession of Edward I when he became Lord of the Manor of Cenarth in the late 13th century. Another nearby mill (foundations visible at low water) was possibly destroyed during Glyndwr's campaigns in the early 1400s. Cenarth Mill was included in lands granted by James I to Sir Richard Cobham and John Howe in 1613; by 1630 the mill and weir had passed to the Vaughans of Golden Grove. The present mill structure originates from the 17th century.

Subsequently, by the will of John Vaughan (d. 1813), John Campbell, first Baron of Cawdor, became the owner.

The mill (and kiln) remained in use until 1939. It was idle until 1954 when JR Williams, Crosshands, took over the tenancy and after substantial repairs milling resumed for a scheme to export oatcakes to the US. During the 1960s the mill and weir fell into disrepair, and it was sold off with other Cawdor estates during the 1970s.

The Mill was purchased by Mr Martin Fowler in 1983 and now forms part of the National Coracle Centre.

The Mill is in working condition, but on account of the state of the weir it is run only when the water is high.

(Text mainly adapted from Y Felin Cenarth ©1991 The Coracle Centre; history by Eluned Philipps and C. Merfyn Thomas)


We are open to visitors as a mill and tourist attraction from Easter to the end of October, 10.30am - 5.30pm.

Access for wheelchair users
Facilities available: Refreshments, Toilets, Car parking nearby.

Cenarth Mill - which has been a popular subject for generations of artists - lies beside the Cenarth Falls on the river Teifi, nearly four miles downstream (west) from Newcastle Emlyn.

The Coracle Centre and mill site entrance is on the Newcastle Emlyn side of the bridge carrying the A484 across the Teifi at Cenarth, while the car park is on the opposite (Cardigan) side of the bridge.

As well as the Coracle Museum the Centre has a Nature Trail, Riverside Walk, and views of the Salmon Leap and the bridge. In addition there are many tourist attractions, facilities, and recreational opportunities in the area - see the Centre's website (link below).

The postal address of the mill is:
The National Coracle Centre, Cenarth Falls, Newcastle Emlyn, Carms, Wales, SA38 9JL, UK
Phone: 01239 710 980 International: (+44) 1239 710 980
Email: martin.cenarthmill@virgin.net

The Ordnance Survey Grid Reference for Cenarth Mill is SN 270 416
(Landranger Sheet 146 )


For further information including a diagram of the Mill workings see the Coracle Centre's own website: http://www.coracle-centre.co.uk/

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