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Past Events (About us - 2)


Saturday, 14th March 2009 -
The Mill Owners' Forum met at St. Dogmaels and discussed topics including making your mill viable, business rates, use of modern materials, grant schemes, employment issues, hydro schemes, health and safety, hygiene regulations, and pond restoration. A full report will appear in Forum Enews4. See  News (Forum) for contact information.

Saturday, 21st February 2009 -
Mucky Mills Gang
In Pembrokeshire - Pond cleaning day, and visit to a farm wheel site.

MMG Early one morning MMG Mucking out MMG at lunch Farm Wheel Farm Wheel


Little Mill

Saturday 18th October 2008 -
The Society's Autumn Meeting and 24th AGM
was held at at Alice Springs Club, Kemeys Commander, Usk
Highlights included illustrated talks by Peter Morgan on the restoration of Llancayo Windmill and by Alan Steel, "Little Mill: from mill to house to mill"; followed by afternoon visits to Llancayo Windmill, Llanyrafon Mill (Llanyrafon Mill, Torfaen) and Little Mill.

Llancayo Windmill Little Mill Llanyrafon Mill Llanyrafon Mill

Bridgend Foundry cast overshot wheel, 27th Sept 2008 Saturday, 27th September 2008 -
The Mucky Mills Gang
went to a sawmill in Carmarthenshire on 27th September to carry out a measured survey, in order to make a full record of the site before it is sold. The day was used as an opportunity for a training session for members who wished to learn how to record a mill in a systematic way. The survey will form the basis of an article in a future edition of Melin . As well as the sawmill we found the remains of a cornmill on site , and a woollen mill further up the valley.
Bridgend Foundry cast overshot wheel

Monday, 23rd to Friday, 27th June 2008 -
The Society visited The Isle Of Man including the working 72 foot diameter Laxey mine pumping wheel, a fulling mill, corn mills, a water powered roundabout, and the castle mill site.

The iconic Great Laxey Wheel ? The delegates at St John's Mill doing the laundry at The Grove ready for action... Milling C20 style Water powered roundabout -  Silverdale Glen

Saturday, 31st May 2008 -
The Mucky Mills Gang enjoyed a dirty weekend (well, dirty day ) at Pontysgawrhyd Mill near Welshpool, owned by Dave and Jane Wadley ( WMS members ). The aim was to clear out the wheelpit, to kick start the restoration of the mill machinery .

Saturday, 26th April 2008 -
The Society's Spring Meeting at the Trecastell Hotel, Bull Bay, Amlwch, Anglesey.
John Crompton gave a talk on "Anglesey Mills in the Seventies", and Dr Brian Davies on "Seeking dyes but finding pigments on Parys Mountain". After lunch the Society visited

Weekend, 19-20th April 2008 -
Mill Experience Weekend organised by the Midland Mills Group at Charlecote Mill. Practical aspects of restoring and running a mill.

Saturday, 15th March 2008 -
Millers Forum discussing common issues and seeking solutions.
A forum for mill owners, or those interested in buying a mill or operating a mill, was held on Saturday 15th March 2008, at Y Felin, St Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire. It was attended by Mel Walters , Tim Haines, David Smith, Dave Wadley, Wyn Jones, Dean Braithwaite, Mike Foxwell, Andy and Anne Parry, Tim Chilton , and Susan Phillips. The subjects discussed included, water rights, grants, promotion and publicity, insurance , specialist suppliers and materials, power production, mill history and recording, A list of specialist suppliers will be drawn up, and an E-News Forum was proposed, which would carry up-dates of progress on the issues discussed.

Since the forum I have been in touch with the Herefordshire Hydro Group, to see if we can get any help with hydro systems at Welsh mills. They seem very anxious to help, so I will try to arrange a meeting. So if you have, or know of a mill site in Wales, which may benefit from a Hydro scheme please let me know. The viability of small scale hydro is improving rapidly, with the price of heating oil having gone up by 70% in the last year, all energy prices can only increase, the payback time for a hydro system is decreasing considerably.
If you would like to receive the Forum E-News update, or are interested in hydro power, please send your details to afindon@fsmail.net


Saturday, 21 April 2007 -
Cwm Farm Cider House Cider Mills was the focus of the Society's Spring Meeting based in Llanddewi Skirrid, Monmouthshire. In the afternoon, there were visits to two cider mills - not working, but still retaining horse-operated cider mills and hand-operated cider presses; and other points of interest. A full report is eagerly awaited.

Much information about the area can be found on the  Village Alive Trust website. Further Cider lore can be found on the website of  The Welsh Perry and Cider Society Ltd; note especially the "Heritage" page including interviews with traditional cider makers, and links to features about Great Tre-Rhew Farm and Cwm Farm Cider House

2005 - The Society Comes of Age

The Society celebrated its anniversary at the 21st AGM in October 2005 and with a visit to Ireland in 2006.

Read  here  about the 21st Annual General Meeting on the 22nd October 2005 at Swansea Museum .

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