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About Mills

Here you will find information about Welsh Mills, milling, and mills in general.
For details of mills to visit in Wales, see the separate section -  Mills open  - Mills open to the Public.


Books, Journals, and other written material

 Welsh Mill Surveys  Welsh Mill Surveys by Old County, and Patagonia.
This gazetteer lists mainly those books or articles that mention several mills in a particular area.

 Individual Mills  Books and articles about an individual mill

 General+Thematic  General or thematic studies relating to Mills, Milling and related topics, particularly in Wales

 Sources and resources  [ In Preparation ] Abbreviations; Finding details for publications in general and - where known - those referenced in the above sections. To include online links for relevant publishers, libraries, and books and journals available online.


 Vocabulary  A Vocabulary of molinological terms (Welsh-English and English-Welsh).


Note: The citation style used in the Bibliography sections above is based on the MLA style (version 6) with some adaptation: see  MLA 6 - HCC Library  . (Diolch am ei hawgrymiadau i Helen Price Saunders, Caerdydd)

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